OOTD: Paint It Black ~ Day Seven

If I’m going to paint the town black then it may as well be in a LBD, right? Left up to my own devices though I’d probably dress it up/down like I did back in my 2015 30-Day Wardrobe Challenge but I’m more than happy to keep it basic for today’s finale.

After a week of all-black outfits I can safely say that I am a huge fan. I mean, I think I always have been (how can you not love the iconic look?) it’s just my silly reservations about it not suiting me. What I really need to do is invest in some fabulous pieces to add to my wardrobe as I think that’s the key to popping a sleek ensemble together. I’ve always steered clear of buying black and instead opted for the bright coloured versions of certain pieces but not anymore!

I still believe that adding pops of colour through lipstick, jewellery and other accessories is very important to keep an all-black outfit looking more vibrant and three-dimensional, otherwise I run the risk of looking washed out and flat!

Have you enjoyed my week of all-black ensembles? Have I swayed you to the dark side or have you always been a fan?

Dress: Miss Shop // Hat + Heels: Kmart // Bag: Old Chloe knock-off (shhh don’t tell anyone!)

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  1. I’ve always been a fan of black! It’s versatile and honestly, it can also disguise when you have worn the same thing several times haha. It’s all about mixing up the make up and accessories! While I LOVE bright colours, it’s great to have a couple of great black outfits at hand that will always look good! x

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