OOTD: You Can Leave Your Hat On!

Dollface, I am dreaming about my next holiday and, praise be to Huey Lewis, it’s not too far away!

I really haven’t shared anything on the blog as I’ve been trying not to get too excited and wish my time away. You know how it is, you’re positively gagging for the big jet plane to take you away and then it’s gone all too quickly and all you’re left with are some amazing pics, acid reflux from one too many champagnes and credit card debt to last you ’til Christmas (what, only me?!)

I also have a rindonkulously long fun run to get through before the trip which I’m quietly pooping myself over! Well, it is the year of #NeverSayNever2017 and I’m totally embracing that in my every day life as well, not just my wardrobe. I’ve told myself for the longest time that I couldn’t possibly run a half marathon but the only thing stopping me is ME! So I’m putting all that negative chatter on the backburner and I am embracing the crazy notion that I just may be a half marathon runner!!!

Cool story Rosie, but what does that have to do with today’s outfit?” I hear you ask…

Well, to be honest it has sweet FA to do with my outfit but dammit it’s a cute outfit and cute outfits should be shared! It’s also one I can see myself wearing while I’m strutting around in Palm Springs…oh yeah that’s right dollface, I’m off on a road trip through sunny Cal-EYE-for-nigh-YAAAAAAAAAY!

Sun, surf, 90s boy bands, cocktails, hikes, dirty rockers and a whole lot more coming at me in June.

But until then I’m keeping my excitement under my hat and focusing on the task at hand…

Have you got anything fun and fabulous coming up in the next few months?

Top + Hat: Kmart //  Shorts: Mix Apparel // Shoes: Rubi Shoes

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  1. You so are a half marathon runner! Go you, I am so mega impressed by that I can’t even…

    And majorly jealous at the road trip, I hope that’s something hubby and I get to do when the kids have all left home, but we’re off to Cro again in a couple of months so no complaints! And the hat is so your thing.

    • Thanks so much Ana!! Right about now I’m crapping myself thinking about it but it’s all a mental game at this stage LOL!
      I shall send my love to Jordan when I’m in my meet and greet 😉
      Super jealous you’re going back to Croatia – I desperately need to plan a European adventure xoxox

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