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Lately… April

In the classic words of one Mr Bruce Springsteen “baby, we were I was born to run” and I have been doing LOADS of it! Most of my weekends these last few months have been taken up by loooooong runs on Sunday mornings and April has been the “step up” month with training runs getting up into the high teens (this weekend I’ve got to get to 19km) so most Saturday nights have either been on the couch (no complaints from me!) or very quiet nights out.

The second Sunday in the month saw me and my sis participating in the annual Run For The Kids fun run and boy was it tough! I say this not because of the 14.6km distance but because I suffer from asthma and claustrophobia and the first section of the run sees us going through the Domain tunnel – 2km worth of hot, sticky running and NO AIR! (it always reminds me of the scene in Stephen King’s The Stand when Larry Underwood is trying to escape New York via the Lincoln Tunnel *shudder*) suffice it to say just before making it out the other side I had a bit of a panic attack and had to calm my tits before being able to continue along the course.

Most readers know that I give up something for Lent each year, not for any religious reasons, I just see it as a good re-set after all the Christmas/New Year’s/any day ending in “Y” indulgences that usher in the New Year. This year was no different and I gave up my favourite three C’s = chocolate, chips and champagne – I know, CRAZY!

Come Easter Sunday I couldn’t wait to tuck into this AH-mazing Belgian chocolate dip that was gifted to me from Birch & Waite and it was worth the wait! Once I ran out of strawberries I may have used my finger and licked the entire tub clean – #NoJudgement

It was seriously better than any ol’ Easter bunny that’s for sure!

I also whipped out my apron AND my domestic goddess tiara (we all have one!!) and cooked up some dishes for Easter Sunday lunch with the fam. I made this delicious vegetarian lasagna (message me if you’d like my recipe) as well as a cheesy cauliflower and broccoli bake (super tasty) and my old favourite, German potato salad (recipe here) using another gifted Birch & Waite product, their whole egg mayonnaise.

The “Year of Live Gigs” continued with three more shows to add to the list (plus I’m off to see Canadian rockers, The Tea Party tonight). First up was the double bill of fierce females; Cyndi Lauper and Blondie. Queen Debbie was at her rocking best and I was excited to see Cyndi for the first time and she didn’t disappoint.

A week later it was the Godmother of Punk, Patti Smith. Holy balls! I knew I’d be emotional seeing her as it was my first time but oh boy did I blubber. My seat kinda sucked big time but it didn’t matter because she rocked so hard I could feel it deep in my soul all the way up the back. Sheer fabulousness!

Next up was a little girls road trip up to Bendigo for the Red Hot Summer tour (why it’s called Red Hot Summer when it’s in the middle of Autumn in beyond me) to see a kick arse Aussie line up; Pseudo Echo, Daryl Braithwaite, James Reyne and Icehouse = so much YAAAAAAAAAAAAS!

It would have been rude not to stop at the classic Beechworth Bakery on the way home (plus my hangover demanded it, ouch!) and indulge in a little vanilla slice action mmmmmmmm.

How was your April dollface?  💋

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  1. Well done on your running.
    Reminds me last year during a Doctor’s appointment I asked him if diarrhoea was heditary. He said no, why?
    “I’ve heard that it runs in your genes.”
    You know-jeans? Sorry. I’m off. Have a good weekend Dollface.

  2. OMG that scene in the Stand is SO TERRIFYING. Such a scary good book and the mini-series did fair justice to it. I would have been claustrophobic too! You saw some great shows this month as well.

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