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QV Face Purifying Mask Review

 *These products were gifted by Ego Pharmaceuticals – all opinions are always 100% my own.*

Can you hear that dollface? It’s the sound of Mother Nature knocking on the door and ushering winter right on in! Who invited her again? You know what you have to look forward to now? NOTHING! (can you tell I’m not a fan of the season?)

My biggest winter gripe (aside from the cold hands and nips that could cut glass) is the fact that my skin goes to Dehydration Nation and needs all the help it can get. When my favourite people at Ego Pharmaceuticals asked if I’d like to try their QV Face Purifying Mask, which is meant to leave skin smooth and soft to the touch, I was all over it. Especially since they were throwing in this rather fetching headband…

QV Face Purifying Mask is super gentle, like all the products in the QV range, and it’s the number one reason why I love it so much. It’s a clay based mask that’s suitable for sensitive skin so it can be used daily. Not only does the mask get rid of excess oil and dirt (HUZZAH!) but it contains safflower oil which replenishes moisture levels, and as a rosacea sufferer that’s skincare gold right there.

After leaving it on for only 10 minutes (I love a quick acting mask, who has time to sit around?) I teamed it with the QV Face Ultra Calming Moisturiser, and the two complement each other fabulously. Now that my skin is ready for winter I just have to sort out the rest of me!

Do you suffer from overly dry skin in the winter?

QV Face Purifying Mask retails for $13.95 online.

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