Fragrance Infused Jewellery

 *This necklace was gifted by tittup – all opinions are always 100% my own.*

If it sparkles, glitters or even glistens I want to wear it! Gold, silver or rose gold I just love them all and I’m especially a sucker for dainty pieces of jewellery that are unique and can tell a story.

When the gorgeous peeps at tittup (a small online community of Aussies who specialise in unique and rare jewellery and accessories) asked if I’d like to road test their fragrance infused jewellery I was more than willing to try.

 A necklace or bracelet that retains your favourite fragrance – say what now?! As you can imagine I was more than intrigued. Well, all you need to do to make them so fabulously you is to spray your perfume/cologne onto the stone and allow it to work its magic and voilà, you have your own signature fragrance infused jewellery!

These quaint necklaces (as well as bracelets and cufflinks) are made in the U.K. and are designed to capture an essence and release it over several days making it last way longer than just spritzing them on yourself. They’re also brilliant if you have sensitive skin and can’t wear perfume but still want to smell divine.

My favourite thing about my rose gold pendant (aside from the fact it comes with three removable stones so I can change up my fragrances throughout the week) is that is can eke out my favourite perfume (SJP’s Lovely for those playing at home) which is down to the last few drops – YAAAAAAS!

This Rose Gold Necklace retails for $130.85AUD and comes with three removable stones

Do you also love the idea of fragrance infused jewellery as much as I do?

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