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Rosie’s Road Trip :: Las Vegas

Aaaaah Vegas! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; if loving Las Vegas is wrong then I don’t ever want to me right! I will never apologise for loving the glitz and glamour (and sometimes sleaze) of the infamous Las Vegas Strip.

The week was absolutely jam-packed with all that Viva Las Vegas has to offer; live shows, shopping, music, gambling, food and plenty of fun…

DAY ELEVEN: After a rindonkulously long drive through the incredibly hot desert (it was in the 40s the whole way!) we finally arrived at the Hard Rock Hotel, our home away from home while in LV, ready for a refreshing shower and a margarita, or seven!

Once sufficiently buzzed we spontaneously decided to see Raiding The Rock Vault, the resident show at the HRH. It’s a live show featuring a line-up of an amazing amount of old rockers who play all the rock anthems, from The Rolling Stones to Whitesnake and everything in between. I didn’t really know what to expect and I was pleasantly surprised at the sheer effing awesomeness of the show. Long live rock n’ roll!

DAY TWELVE: A fabulously indulgent, yet much needed sleep-in today! We were now on Vegas time, which means definitely no alarm clocks and no rushing about.

A big bastard breakfast of pancakes and omelettes was followed by a cab ride down to Planet Hollywood and the Miracle Mile Mall in preparation for tomorrow’s Backstreet Boys meet and greet. This time around there was to be NO applying make-up in the back of cabs, a la our meet and greet with the New Kids!

After securing appointments at Dry Bar for our hair we were then told that Sephora was booked out for make-up but NYX was happy to take walk-ins the next day. Too easy!

That evening we drove out to the Premium Outlet Mall and schlepped about in the heat managing to find bargains here and there but it was way too hot to function. Next up was the Neon Museum and the Neon Boneyard tour which I’d been dying to go to. Every time I’ve come to Vegas it’s always been booked out so this time around I booked in online months in advance to secure our spot. All that anticipation and the tour was less than ordinary!

For a “neon museum” most of the signs weren’t even lit up! With a collection of over 60 signs only six, AT MOST, were actually lit – WTF? Tez and I were both so underwhelmed!


Once again another sleep in followed by a lazy breakfast before showering and dressing up for the night ahead. We headed back to Planet Hollywood and were super excited to get our hair done at Dry Bar. We honestly need these in Oz! It’s a hair salon that only do blowouts; no cuts, no colours just fabulous styling! With a full bar and DJ booth, this place was all about blowouts, booze and beats.

As I finished first (damn Tez and her gorgeous thick hair!) I made my way across the Mall to NYX to start on my make-up, only to be told they were busy and WEREN’T TAKING WALK INS?! Ummmmm excuse me?! I explained that I was told yesterday that we could just rock up but I was shut down and told that wasn’t the case – RUDE!

WHAT NOW?! By this stage Tez was done so we hightailed in to Sephora and pleaded ever so nicely to get one of their mini-makeovers and thankfully they could squeeze us in. CRISIS AVERTED! We finished just in time to throw down a quick cocktail before lining up for the meet and greet.

Meeting new friends, Sue and Kimiko!

Whilst in line we met mother and daughter, Sue and Kimiko, who were down from Washington to celebrate Sue’s 60th. We mingled and took fun snaps (above) and then it was our turn to meet BSB and they were lovely! Just like with New Kids On The Block it was super quick but enough time to have a quick chat and let them know we had flown all the way from Australia to see them.

Sue and Kimiko mentioned they were going to the after party so we decided to do the same – why not, when in Rome, Vegas! After a fantastic show we met up with the girls and headed over to the Paris’ Chateau nightclub with a bunch of other crazy BSB fans and watched the guys perform some more and danced about in the middle of the Eiffel Tower overlooking the Strip!

DAY FOURTEEN: After a larger than life *ahem* day/night, of course it was another leisurely start to the day. Today we hit up the Fashion Show Mall (my fave!) and flexed our shopping muscles. I must say that I have been very tame on this trip. I’m not sure if it’s the exchange rate (sucks the fat one) or the fact that I’m finally being sensible, but I don’t feel the need to buy everything. WHAT’S WRONG WITH ME?

In the evening we dolled up for dinner and show numero dos (hey, if we’re flying all the way to the States you bet your sweet ass we’re going to see as many shows as we can!). It was another great show and fun night but alas we didn’t make any new friends this time.

Backstreet Boys Night Two!

DAY FIFTEEN: Today we hit up all the strip malls and went to our American favourite, T.J. Maxx. I love this store and always manage to find some awesome bargain or three. We also went to Walmart in search of some Flower Beauty products (exclusive to Walmart) and this was the third store we went to where there was NO Flower products to be seen! What in the actual fuck? I feel like we need a personal apology from Drew Barrymore for not being able to find some fun new make-up. Anyone know if their online store ships to Australia?

After driving around in the heat today (it’s been 46°C/115°F all week!) I felt like my brain was slowly leaking through my ear so it was back to the hotel for a cool down before heading out to Caesars Palace for dinner and to see Jerry Seinfeld.

Talk about great seats! Tez surprised me with second row seats as a thank you for organising the trip/driving – what a great bestie. *tear* It was so surreal seeing him so close up after worshipping his TV show.

I’ve been craving dessert ever since we got to the U.S. but when the meals are bigger than your head there’s just no way you can fit in a sweet treat too. When we got back to HRH we indulged in a slab slice of chocolate cake (above) and it was heavenly.

Vegas, as always, you’ve been a blast! Until next time, and let’s be honest, there will DEFINITELY be a next time.

Next week… Los Angeles!


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