OOTD: Camo-fabulous!

For someone that’s a supposed fashion blogger I haven’t been popping together many outfit posts of late. I was taken by surprise when I had to trawl back to May to find my last OOTD… MAY, WTF?!

I’m not sure what the hold up was exactly. Sure I was away on vacay but that’s no excuse for not sharing outfit ideas with you all. If you could read my thoughts (which would be a very scary thing indeed) you’d soon learn that aside from thinking about food every 45.6 seconds I’m also daydreaming about funky outfits and assembling imaginary ensembles.

So let me rectify the lack of outfit posts on the immediate with this sweet little casual combo – it’s quite simply camo-FABULOUS!

I’m the first to admit that I’m not usually one to wear/buy anything with a camouflage print but whilst travelling around with the gorgeous Karen I was smitten with her camo jacket and felt like I needed something similar in my repertoire. No sooner had I started lusting after it I spied this jacket at T.J. Maxx.

I love that it’s lightweight and that it can jazz up a simple jeans and tee outfit and give it a little edge. I’m after all the edge I can get as I feel like I’ve lost my pic posing mojo after all that time away from OOTDs.

Do you ever forget how to do the simplest things after a little time away?

Jacket + Tee: T.J. Maxx (similar) // Jeans: Kmart // Shoes: Spend-less Shoes // Bag: Nine West

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