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Rosie’s Road Trip :: Los Angeles

If first impressions are anything to go by then I would never have returned to legendary Los Angeles! Like Sydney, it’s taken me a couple of trips to really appreciate how fabulous the city really is. That first jaunt, may moons ago now, was spent shopping and not much else. Sure I love to shop, but even this girl has her limits.

This time around Tez and I had three full days to cram everything in which isn’t very much time at all. It was also a shame that L.A. was our last stop on the road trip as I felt by that stage we were a little tired and overwhelmed by everything we’d seen/done/ate before. I think if (what’s this if? more like when) I go back to the States I’d like to start off in La La Land to really make the most of it.

In saying that we sure did milk the most out of our time there…

DAY SIXTEEN: WELCOME TO HOLLYWOOD! What’s your dream?! My dream is to marry a rockstar but alas we didn’t meet any on our first day in WeHo. The day started off bright and early hitting the road in an ungodly Vegas hour but we wanted to get to L.A. without hitting any of that awful traffic.

Once we arrived at the Ramada West Hollywood I was ready to throw my keys at the valet and dive-bomb the pool. After another (and final) long drive I was happy to relax and unwind by the pool for all of eternity!

Our appetites got the better of us eventually and we went back to spruce up and head out for a fancy schmancy dinner at the Eveleigh, the scene of some celebrity spotting the last time we were in town. Alas this time we didn’t spy anyone of any note but I can tell you the lemon meringue was DIVINE!

After dinner we made our way to the Viper Room and we saw a couple of random bands play; everything from rock to country/folk and heavy punk. ‘Twas a great first day in the city of angels.

DAY SEVENTEEN: Today we started the morning off just right; slutting it up at THE yummiest breakfast joint, Eggslut (best name EVER!), in Venice. As a self proclaimed egg slut I can vouch that the signature “slut” dish of cage-free coddled egg on top of a smooth potato purée, poached in a glass jar, topped with gray salt and chives, served with slices of baguette was spec-FUCKING-tacular!!

 Adequately stuffed with eggs we made our way toward Venice Beach and had a gander at the very overcast beach and hung about the skate park watching all the cool kids rocking some mad tricks on their boards. After a quick stop at T.J. Maxx (bargains people!) in Santa Monica we drove around Beverly Hills and were wowed by the enormous houses. 

Later that evening we headed over to Dodger Stadium as we scored freebie tickets to the Dodgers vs. Mets game courtesy of our new friend, Lenora, who we met at the NKOTB meet and greet. I know nothing about baseball but it was fun just being amongst all that American spirit. PLUS, I had my first beer in about a thousand years and let’s just say I don’t think I’ll be chugging a pint any time soon.

Go Dodgers!

DAY EIGHTEEN: For brunch we decided to head up to Calabasas, home to MEGA rich celebs like the Kardashians. We found a quaint little café name Marmalade, which had turtles in a pond out the front (fancy!), and D-grade celebs inside! Upon being seated at our booth I spied Kris Jenner’s boyfriend (or is he an ex by now?) Corey Gamble sitting a table away. Hmmmm I guess that’s kinda sorta six degrees of separation, right?

We then spent the next couple of hours driving through Malibu and lusting after the beachside houses. 

As if this fun day could get any better, my dream of dining at the Chateau Marmont finally came true. This landmark is a hotel and restaurant that’s notorious for celebrity shenanigans. Ever since I was a teen reading about everyone from Jim Morrison partying there to John Belushi overdosing in one of the bungalows out the back I wanted a piece of the action.

No sooner had we sat down and ordered our aperitif frosés (that’s frozen rosé for the uninitiated) then Patricia Clarkson walks in, complete with her gorgeous dog (this town is also ridiculously dog friendly). Once dinner was served we also spied Hailey Baldwin and Kendall Jenner swan in and take a seat.

This definitely was the place to be!

After a delicious three course dinner we retired to the lobby bar as we weren’t in ANY hurry to leave. More frosés, more people watching and we were two very happy campers. Once the resident pianist (who was fabulous taking requests from drunk girls!)  finished his set he popped on some vinyl onto the turntable and left for the evening.

Well, once the music finished some random guest got up and changed the record. I may have taken inspiration and got up next and played a few classic tunes for the rest of the evening – watch out Hollywood, D.J. Rockets is in the HOUSE!

DAY NINETEEN: Ooooh a little dusty this morning to say the least. Hey, if you don’t wake up with a hangover on your last day of your trip you’re not doing it right!

The morning was spent packing and trying to cram all of our fabulous finds into our luggage, praying that we wouldn’t have to pay that crazy excessive baggage fee.

We then went off to have a very decadent lunch at The Ivy (talk about schmancy!) before we took a bit of a sombre yet beautiful turn and visited Chris Cornell’s grave at Hollywood Forever Cemetery.

An amazing final day topped off by last minute shopping (of course!) and Vanderpump spotting and an upgrade to “economy plus” on the plane ride home = SCORE!

 Adios California (and Nevada) it’s been an absolute blast 💋


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