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Happy Anniversary to ME!

FOUR YEARS?! How in the name of Huey Lewis has it been four years since I started blogging? I received this little pop up reminder a couple of weeks ago and I honestly had to stop and think. At times I feel like I haven’t really blossomed as a blogger but then I only have to look back at those first couple of posts and cringe realise that my writing skills and pics have come a LONG way.

July has been suuuuuuuuper quiet over here in Rosie land, which wasn’t a huge surprise after my fabulous vacay last month. Three jam packed weeks full of GO! GO! GO! left me needing time to reflect, rest and recharge my much worn out batteries. In fact, the first six months of the year have been nothing but one concert after another, building up those precious kilometres for my run and still trying to stay social. It’s actually been great to stop and apply the brakes a little before this next half of the year kicks into gear.

Speaking of concerts, The Year of Live Gigs has had a reprieve this month with not a single show to speak of. Unless you consider Disney On Ice a gig? Heckle and Jeckle (above) seemed to really enjoy it and hey, I might have sung a few bars of Let It Go myself. Amongst a handful of family catch ups and dinners out the only thing I’ve been up to is easing myself back into running. Silly old me has stayed true to my word and have booked in another half marathon in October – honestly why do I do this to myself?!

The only problem is my asthma has been really kicking my arse ever since coming back from the trip. I’m talking waking in the middle of the night, every night, struggling to breathe. Thankfully my fabulous doctor (and by the way isn’t it amazing when you actually do find a fabulous doctor that listens to you and doesn’t treat you like a hypochondriac?!!) has given me all the necessary meds and it’s slowly starting to right itself.

Now it’s time to kick off my slippers and fire up the engines and leap into August with both feet…

How was your July dollface?


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  1. My July was full of fear and foreboding, growing tension that was eventually realised: the kids finished school for six and a half weeks.

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