It’s All About Rosie


Hey dollface, I’m Rosie, a 30-something wannabe fashionista born and bred in Melbourne. I’ve lived abroad in Japan, the U.S. and the U.K., but ultimately the need for good coffee brought me back home. I am constantly searching for delicious food and wine to eat and drink, the ultimate dress that makes me look fierce and to perfect my eyeliner game!

I love the fun of fashion, make-up and accessories, and my passion is to find fabulous items on the cheap. I prefer to dress up rather than down and when ever I can with a red lip and a nude shoe.

A few other things about me; red over white wine (unless there’s bubbles, always bubbles), cats over dogs, summer over winter, eggs over easy – see what I did there?

If I’m not chowing down on the latest food craze (which is rare), I love to shop, read, keep fit, rock out to amazing music, watch movies, travel the world, admire Pop Art (as well as all other genres) and I’m quite partial to a crossword.  I also love organising the next outing and you’ll find me scouring social media to find out where the newest restaurant/bar/museum/opening of an envelope to go to is. If you want to collaborate, or just want to say hi, drop me an email at



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  1. Just read your recent post via Lovely Lady Bloggers and I’m so thrilled to connect with you! Looking forward to getting to know you more and reading about your adventures/travels! All the best, xo

  2. I met you over the weekend at the Bloggers United Au launch. Can I just say that I am adoring your blog! I look forward to catching up on all your posts and seeing what you have in store for the future 🙂
    Jessi x

  3. Great About page Rosie! I want to come to Melbourne to see 1) the Australian Open tennis tournament and 2) your fantastic horse Phar Lap from the 1930’s in the Melbourne Museum!

    • Thank you!! Aaaah yes, I remember seeing Phar Lap in primary school during a class trip to the museum – he’s very impressive. And you must come for the Oz Open, it’s a great time of year for fun and frivolity in Melbourne 🙂 xo

  4. So sad about Phar Lap’s sudden and unexpected death in 1932. In his one race in North America though, he kicked ass!! I’ll have to google the Oz Open. 🙂

  5. hi rosie , ihonestly loveeee your blog ! i have recently started my own blog and would love if you could give me some tips

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