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Blush & Bashful

  Over the weekend I did a make-up tutorial class with Luna Lita from Miss Fox. It was a great and insightful hour with a lot of handy hints and perhaps a few that I didn’t quite agree with (one being that you shouldn’t wear bright lipstick if […]

Latest make-up haul

I was so excited to buy the new Scandal Eyes liquid eyeliner by Rimmel as I’d read about it in a couple of mags and all the reviews were glowing. So imagine my disappointment when I took it home and tried it out and it was less than […]

Vamp out!

I’m so jealous of all the autumn/fall lip colours that are coming out of the northern hemisphere at the moment that I wanted a piece of the action myself. I’ve seen it everywhere from the runway to the latest magazine spreads and I thought why only limit this […]

Lady Luck Strikes Again

      I’ve been using Body Shop products for the longest time. It all started with their perfume oils back in the day. Every girl at my high school would wear them. I’m sure the teachers were thrilled that they had to walk into a classroom of overpowering, […]