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Shanghai Suzy Lipstick Review

Back in August I attended the Melbourne Bloggers United Australia meet up and I was showered with an plethora of products from different make-up and beauty brands. There was a ton of lipsticks, face masks, hair products and sunscreen etc. that by the end of the day I was on […]

Horizon Blue Lipstick Review

Back in June, whilst in Sydney getting my makeup done at Sephora, I caught a glimpse of Kat Von D’s Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Echo. It’s a gorgeous deep navy blue shade and I fell a teensy bit in love. Navy lipstick?! I’d never even contemplated wearing “non-conventional” shades […]

Palmolive’s #MoisturiserMoment

**Products have been gifted by Palmolive– all opinions are 100% my own** We all know I’m all about treating myself and believe all women (and sure, men can too!) treat themselves every day, big or small. Whether it be some extravagant purchase or a yummy meal or something as […]

DiorShow Mascara Review

Le sigh… Ladies, I think the search is over. For years I’ve been looking for the ultimate mascara, one that would help my existing long lashes and take them to the next level. A mascara that would transform me from Bambi to KARDASHI-BAMBI! Throughout the years I’ve purchased […]

Initmate Ladies Lunch

C’mon girls, do you believe in talking about women’s health? Well I’ve got something to say about it and it goes something like this… Ladies! Listen up, you’ve all heard me talk about tending to my lady garden and today we get a little way more intimate! If you’re […]