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Crazy for Clearasil

When I was a teenager I always believed that once I got older all my skin issues would go away. I was lucky in that I didn’t have acne or very many pimples, but when they did sprout they were absolute WHOPPERS. They were always red and angry and […]

Lipstick with BITE!

As you saw in Monday’s post I finally made the trek to Sydney and Australia’s first Sephora. I promised myself I wouldn’t go too crazy buying lipstick on this trip (nuts, right?). Currently I have LOADS of reds and pinks that I wear on high rotation but I want […]

Jordana Cosmetics Mascara Review

QUICK! You find a magic lamp with a fabulously hunky, Matthew McConaughey-esque genie inside (hey, it’s my fantasy just go with it!) and he grants you three wishes…but there’s a catch. He can only grant you a lifetime supply of beauty products (damn, there goes that Johnny Depp/Matthew McConaughey-esque […]

Fierce Females: Drew Barrymore

Image I love a good old fashioned “child star gone bad, dated a Corey, made some shitty movies but then triumphed and is now a Fierce Female” story and Drew Barrymore is the epitome of bad girl turned good. Everyone remembers Drew as the lovable Gertie in E.T. […]

POREfessional Widow

Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude! I know I was super late to the Benefit party, but believe me, when I arrived I walked into the closet with POREfessional and played 7 seconds in heaven and NOW I’M IN LOVE! I’m talking head over heels, can’t live with out, would sell my soul kinda love. The […]

NYX Wonder Pencil

As a woman there’s nothing I’d like more than to be a wonder woman. I want to be able to get through my day without breaking a sweat. I want to be able to multi-task like a boss, to kick ass and take names. So when I read […]

Cheek 2 Cheek

Confession time – I may own more make-up than I’m aware of – SHOCKER right?! Sometimes I’ll stumble upon products I don’t remember buying, or worse, gifts I’ve received and thought I’d “save” for later and have completely forgotten about. I would say that most beauty bloggers would have […]