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OOTD: Autumn Leaves

OK, don’t repeat this to anyone, because I’ll deny it ’til I’m blue in the face but I’m kinda over these last few stinking hot, humid days of summer/autumn here in Melbourne. I’m not quite ready for freezing my ass off and having to cart around a coat and […]

OOTD: Pink Flamingo

Even a crazy planner/scheduler like me could not have timed getting my hair unintentionally stained pink this week while I had this outfit post in mind. Thanks Miss Muddy! I mean how perfect is my new Jem hair teamed with this pink flamingo top?? Truth be told it’s not […]

OOTD: Team Rockets!

I don’t know about you, dollface, but I’m not a huge sports lover. Sure, sure I love to PLAY and participate in sports, but to watch them is a different story. OK, if you twist my arm I don’t mind having to watching hunky, muscular men wrestle for a […]

OOTD: White Night Melbourne

**This post has been sponsored by, all opinions are 100% my own** “White Night Melbourne is the city as you know it, turned on its head in a dusk ‘til dawn celebration of culture and creativity. A night where the surreal seems real, White Night Melbourne is […]

OOTD: Birds of a Feather

  February is here and it’s going to be a HUUUUUUUGE month for funsies! My calendar is jam packed with concerts, dinners, fun runs and catch-ups and I can hear my wallet screaming for me to calm the fuck down. There really is only one solution for it and […]

OOTD: Kimono Remix

I cannot believe it’s been two years since I first featured this fabulous leopard print kimono in an OOTD, and what’s worse, it’s probably been just as long since I’ve worn it! I know, I know, I have way too many pieces in my repertoire if I can easily forget […]

OOTD: Tutu Fabulous!

It seems like a thousand years ago now but back in 2013 I posted (badly!) about how much I wanted to buy a tutu and whether or not I could get away with wearing one. I definitely blame the likes of SJP in the opening credits of Sex and […]