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Fierce Females: Cate Blanchett

Simply stunning! I was a big fan of Cate Blanchett before her recent Oscar win; I mean she’s gorgeous, Australian and looks like she’s one classy lady – what’s not to like?! But after seeing her in Blue Jasmine, (my gawd!, what a performance, if you haven’t seen it […]

Happy 2nd Birthday!

Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahlings! Can you believe A Red Lip And A Nude Shoe is 2?! I can’t that’s for sure! I don’t know the exact blogiversary as I started on Blogger and then came over to WordPress, but I feel like it’s about now-ish, so I’m going to raise a cocktail […]

Fierce Females: Josephine Baker

The fabulous Josephine Baker! Not only was this fierce female one of the first near-nude exotic dancers of her time, she was also a bad-ass secret spy during World War II, carrying information for transmission to England, about the Germans, written in invisible ink on her sheet music – I mean what […]

Viva Las Vegas!

Just a quick post today, my lovely dollfaces, to let you know that I’m off to Vegas! Hopefully, as this post goes live, I’ll be somewhere over Queensland on my way to Sin City. It’s my 3rd time in three years (and my 4th time all together) so to […]

Fierce Females: Dannii Minogue

Ms. Dannii! I have mentioned my love for my childhood hero, Ms. Minogue (the best Minogue*ahem*), on more than one occasion. Dannii was the coolest girl I “knew” who got to sing and dance on TV – talk about a dream come true! Each Sunday night I’d fight with my […]

Fierce Females: Iris Apfel

Ugh, so much YAAAAAAS! Bow down, biznatches! We have an absolutely FIERCE female in our midst, and just like the sun, if you stare too long you may go blind! If you’ve never heard of Iris Apfel you’re about to get a (brief) education. Iris is a 94 […]

Fierce Females: Caitlyn Jenner

Call me Caitlyn! With the unveiling of the former Olympians new female identity this week did you really think I could go past naming Caitlyn Jenner as this Sunday’s Fierce Female?! When asked by Vanity Fair what the first thing she was going to do now that Bruce […]

Fierce Females: Vivienne Westwood

The Queen of Punk! Vivienne Westwood was without a doubt the pioneer of punk culture with her shocking and daring designs that were the antithesis to the hippie movement in the early 70s. It wouldn’t surprise me if she had a birthmark in the shape of the word “FIERCE” […]