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Dollface, I know I keep jabbering on about how quickly the year is passing but September is almost fucking over! How in the name of Huey Lewis did that happen? I’m still sitting here in a stupor absolutely gob smacked that I’m already locking events in for 2017! […]


After July’s mammoth 30 Day Wardrobe Challenge I just knew August was going to be super chillaxed and toned down blogging-wise. Over the past month I’ve only posted a handful of times and I don’t know how I feel about that. On one hand I welcomed the break […]


WHAT A MONTH! If I have any grand ideas to do another month long blogging escapade this year please remind me to shut my mouth. Don’t get me wrong, I totally loved doing the 30 Day Winter Wardrobe Challenge as it really helped me cut out A LOT […]


It may have been the start of winter but there was definitely no time for me to hibernate as June was an absolutely jam-packed month! By definition the winter months are designed for chilling out (pun intended) and loads of down time to rejuvenate because who wants to go […]

Forever Marilyn!

A few weekends ago, on a positively gorgeous day, the gals and I bundled aboard a trusty V/Line train and headed north for the Marilyn Monroe Exhibition at the Bendigo Art Gallery. The glorious sun was beaming down on us just as if Marilyn herself approved of our girly day […]


Before putting together this month’s Lately post I thought May was a far quieter month than others of late, but after trawling through my iPhone pics and calendar I was sadly mistaken! It looks like it was another great month of shits and giggles but I honestly feel […]

Initmate Ladies Lunch

C’mon girls, do you believe in talking about women’s health? Well I’ve got something to say about it and it goes something like this… Ladies! Listen up, you’ve all heard me talk about tending to my lady garden and today we get a little way more intimate! If you’re […]


Holy shit, how can I start off this month’s Lately post without mentioning Prince right off the bat?! Ummmm WTF?! I just saw him in concert 2 months ago and what did I say then… “It was ridiculously expensive and very short, but the way these rock stars […]