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I refuse to acknowledge that a quarter of the year has already come and gone! Somebody please call SOMEONE and tell them I’d like to start all over again please! I finally feel the brakes are about to be applied and I’m a little excited to know there […]

International Women’s Day

Let’s celebrate International Women’s Day! Can I let you in on an embarrassing little secret? I didn’t even know today was International Women’s Day until our receptionist sent round an invitation last week to all the women in my office for a morning tea to be held today. I […]

Highlights From Miss Muddy 2016

What started out as a gloomy, overcast morning turned out to be an afternoon of nothing but sunshine, blue skies and plenty of mud down at Miss Muddy 2016! My first foray into an obstacle course fun run had me a little nervous but super excited and it did NOT […]


Pheeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! As predicted February has been a mammoth month, and it’s not even over! There’s still a huge weekend coming up and it looks like it’s set to be a huge March too (woohoo, birthday month!). On the last weekend in January I finally got down the NGV […]

Miss Muddy 2016

Excuse me, but I’m feeling a little Christina Aguilera coming on…. “wanna get dirty, it’s about time that I came to start this party!” Yes, dear dollfaces, I’m about to start this party and take part in the most fun, all gal, obstacle mud festival known as Miss Muddy 2016. […]

Lately… January

Sweet baby cheeses, how are we at the end of January already?! Has this month just flown or is it just me? It seems that I’m constantly bitching about how time just flies by and I need to stop and appreciate all the things that are going on […]

Beauty Blogger Award!

The other day I was nominated for the Beauty Blogger Award by Lindsey over at Lindsey Lou, That’s Who! and to say I was chuffed would be an understatement. Throughout the 2.5 years of A Red Lip And A Nude Shoe I’ve been nominated for these awards a handful […]