Tag: Houndstooth

OOTD: Simple Jeans & Tee

There’s no mistaking spring is well in truly here! Daylight Savings has just begun this past weekend here in Oz and we’re now entering into party season in “Rosie Land” (it’s a real place, wanna buy a ticket and enter? Buyers beware!!). My social calendar is filling up faster […]

OOTD: Happiness & Freedom

When the world is crazy and all kinds of fucked up (just watching/hearing the news of late makes me super anxious and sad) I try to take comfort in the simple things in life; the weather is slowly starting to warm up, blossoms are blooming everywhere and a breezy, layered chevron […]

OOTD: English Rose

Ever since little Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana (you all know I love the royals!) was born I’m feeling the need to wear a little something reminiscent of the English countryside. Especially since the weather is cooling right down at the moment and reminding me of my time spent in […]

Nails! Nails! Nails!

Ever since I proudly exclaimed that I was going to start painting my nails again I’ve been going to town with my nails! Sure I’m still a bit of a nuffy when it comes to getting them just right every time, but I really don’t care. I’m having too much […]

OOTD: Little Red Riding Hood

Feels like this week has been brought to you by the colour red It’s well and truly an early winter here in Melbourne. Most mornings it barely breaks 10°C (that’s 50°F) so all my coats will be coming out from storage and worn in high rotation from now […]