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OOTD: Leopard Love

 A pinch and a punch for the first day of the month…NO RETURNS! Happy first day of summer to all my southern hemisphere babes, and to my dollfaces up north here’s hoping for a short winter – unless you like that type of thing, then you go Glen […]

OOTD: Urban Safari

Remember that time I said I was going to continue not splurging on impulse items? Well, yeah about that…so I may have bought a couple of things last Sunday from Kmart – but hey, I walked away with four new items and change from $50. That’s not too […]

Closet Confidential Tag

Somehow this post got stuck out in my drafts folder for the longest time! Apologies to Dee at FashionD, as she tagged me about a million moons ago…better late than never 🙂 1. Oldest item in your closet Wow, this item covers questions 1, 3 and 7! It’d have […]