Tag: Pants

OOTD: Pussy Bow

Mother knows best, right? I wore this ensemble out to Mother’s Day lunch on the weekend and I thought mum would just absolutely gag over this new blouse I bought online. When it arrived I wasn’t too ecstatic over the colour, somehow I thought it was more vibrant, […]

OOTD: Pyjama Queen

Does anyone else immediately change back into their PJs as soon as they get home regardless of what time it is?! I could quite easily become the Pyjama Queen. As soon as I’m home for the day, whether it be 11am or 10pm it’s ‘JAHMIE TIME! Is there anything better than ripping […]

OOTD: Printed Pants

I finally did it and bought a pair of printed pants after lusting after them for the longest time. They are the perfect pair that ticked all the boxes; black + white – check, fitted – check and cheap – CHECK CHECK! I grabbed these from Kmart (of […]