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Rock Beauty Nail Wraps

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh why didn’t I listen to my mum’s sound advice of never picking up items from a clearance bin? Maybe because she’s never uttered those words as she loves a good bargain about as much as I do! Damn it, I had such high hopes for these nail stickers […]

Face of Australia Concealer

I wasn’t a huge concealer wearer before I’d tried this one from Face of Australia (FoA), but through this damn blog, and reading others of course, I felt like I was missing out on all the action. All the other concealers I’ve tried in the past had creamy consistencies […]

Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm

Ahhhh I’m still reaping the spoils from Karen’s (KPSays) visit in February! Who’s a lucky girl?! This Revlon Colorburst (gah, no ‘u’ in there drives me nuts!) Matte Balm in Striking is my favourite go to “red lip”  when I’m running out the door or off to work. It’s […]

Latest make-up haul

I was so excited to buy the new Scandal Eyes liquid eyeliner by Rimmel as I’d read about it in a couple of mags and all the reviews were glowing. So imagine my disappointment when I took it home and tried it out and it was less than […]

Breakfast with Ita Buttrose

Yesterday, thanks to being a Sister Club member at Priceline, I got to have breakfast with Australian of the Year, Ita Buttrose! Well, me and about 150 other people, but it was Ita nonetheless. For those of you who don’t know who Ita is she is an Australian journalist […]

L’Oreal BB Magique Creams

As I mentioned in Tuesday’s post, I went to Priceline’s 30 Days of Fashion and Beauty workshop and was given a couple of product names to try out by the lovely make-up artist, Helen Dowlsey. She mentioned these L’oreal BB Magique Creams and as I hadn’t tried any BB creams […]